All About Pinterest

pinterest-logoPinterest is a new interesting social site where you can share your interests in the most creative way. It is true that pictures can really say it all as you express thoughts with images. That is why more people are signing up in this unique website because of its features. If you are one of the people who are thinking to join, here are the basic facts about Pinterest.

Pinterest can be defined as it is – ‘pin your interest.’ It is a site where you can pin the images or even videos that interest you and share it to your online friends. You will also get to have your own profile page with all the pinned images or videos in it. You can even categorize them into albums to better organize your thoughts. To begin, just visit and request fo invitation or ask one of your online friends to invite you.

Searchable Pins

Now, as you start making pins, you will definitely want it to be viewed by your online friends. The descriptions of your pictures may be as simple as ‘funny!’ or ‘beautiful’ but that does not really appear at the top when people use the search engine. Instead, you can use keyword descriptions to make it more searchable. With that, there is a higher chance that your pins will get repined. Pins can also be a way for you to grow your business. Make it one of your marketing strategies and see your sales go up!

Editing Pins

There are times when we mistakenly put a specific image or video to wrong albums. This is one of the common errors by users but it is easy to edit them. What you can do is hover your pointer to a specificimage and choose the “Edit” option. You can then transfer your image or video to wherever album it should be in.

If you need to search for that particular image, just go back to you profile by clicking your name at the upper right part of the screen. Now, click the ‘Pins’ options where it leads you to all your pinned
images from recent to older ones. If you already organized your images, then your ‘Boards’ will appear. With that, you can search your pins and organize them further.

Tagging By The Rules

If you want a specific person to view your image, tag their name into it. To do this, just add the ‘@’ sign upon writing the description of your pin. It is also good to understand the rules of pinning and
repining. This unique social media site is free of charge, so it is ideal not to abuse it by following the rules.

These are the basic things that you may want to know about Pinterest. The popularity of this social media site is growing as the days progress and you may find it interesting and unique especially when
you love checking out pictures and videos. It can also be a good way to grow your business too!

You can exploit other social media to implement in you backlink asset. But before you do so, take a moment to read on the social networking pros and cons and other helpful articles you can read.


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